Once again I walk beneath grey skies

eyes hunting for shiny, smooth pebbles

trying to recreate those very ripples

that your throws used to make

while I watched in wonder and amazement

not just at the beauty of nature

not just at the flow of energy

not just at the pleasing sound it made

but the sinewy contours of your arms

the flexing of your muscles

as you arched your head back

and twirled and smiled

I remember the crinkle of your eyes

when you laughed at my failed attempts at copying your feat

I would fail a million times

for just a glimpse of your face again

I made a mistake

an irreparable, irrevocable one at that

And yet

I hope

I will get to take a walk with you again

under light grey skies

along a jagged shoreline

hand in hand

and throw pebbles and stones

and laugh


so that the clouds above

would burst open in joy

and I’d share a dance with you

in the downpour

But for now

I’m left only with barren grey skies

and a deluge of guilt.


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