Is the World Ending? #2

There was a time

when even heaven used to stoop

to hear the whispers of her voice

the sky

would rejoice

in the tinkling of her laughter

the earth itself

would rise and dance

with the rhythm of her feet

and the sun would shine

three shades brighter

at the sight of her face divine

now there’s gloom

and dark grey clouds

while a dust storm gathers pace

and on the horizon

darkness awaits

its cue to envelop the world

for she speaks no more

laughs too less

and her feet refuse to tap

and her face


would put melancholy itself to shame

they say

she’s sad because

her heart broke

then why is it

that the world rends apart?


Hi guys, this is the second poem in my series titled “Is the World Burning?”. To read the first poem, please click here. Just so you know, they are not in continuation and can be read individually. I’d love to know your thoughts on them! 🙂



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