The Journey

I followed my heart once,

and it broke me.

I followed my mind next,

and it woke me.

Now I sit,

Caught in the middle,

Contemplating my steps ahead.

And on either end, with arms bare,

Stands waiting for me, the mighty despair.

Would someone, please, be so kind?

So as to lift me up, instead,

And guide me gently, with care,

Past the point of no return.

So that no matter where I end up,

I’ll have your company still to keep,

And then, maybe then, these leftover pieces

Will find some well-earned respair.


30 thoughts on “The Journey

        1. Hey, I will go through your blog in a little while. It’s always thrilling to visit new blogs. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to see more of your work around. Keep writing. ❤️


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