I feel stuck inside my mind

Having the same dream,

On loop,

Night after night,

With no interlude.

It’s a paradox

I want to resolve.

But I’m confused now –

Why is it that

When I wake up

It always feels surreal.

While the dream,

The dream


Is my forsaken life.


26 thoughts on “Loopy

    1. What would humanity be without dreams, my dear. They’re what make us strive to achieve the impossible. The paradox was about being stuck between illusions and reality. Idealism is a topic for another day.

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    1. Hey, thank you! This sounds really helpful. Although I do remember everything I’ve seen in the dream. I think the only problem is separately it from reality in my mind and not panicking when that becomes too difficult. You’re right, I’ll practice what you’ve said. Should help in calming down and also in the long run. Thank you! ❀️


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