Adam and Eve



And ravaged.

When she gathered enough courage

To tell someone about it

She was told to stay mum

To go on as if nothing happened.

To cover up.

To not incite.

To take caution.

To not invite.

Like she had asked for it.

Like her body,

Which she was born with,

And in which she had no say

Was, for all purposes, a crying shame.

They say, what’s in a name?

Well, Adam ate the apple too,

But it’s Eve who’s forever to blame.


18 thoughts on “Adam and Eve

    1. I try my best to do so. With the hope that even if one person can get a bigger understanding and a wider world view through my writings, I’d have achieved something in life.


  1. The message is so sad yet this is so amazingly written. Followed! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iโ€™m just starting out in poetry and blogging and it would be amazing if you could give my page a follow too!
    (if you like my stuff too of course!)

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  2. I really disapprove of this attitude, a crime is a damn crime and should be reported every time. Just playing into those male bigoted attitudes hands, time to make a collective stand girls !!

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    1. Very true! But we need society to change its patriarchal view before any such stand can be taken. As long as victim shaming, blaming and shunning is prevalent along with a “she was asking for it” attitude, it will be very difficult for survivors to come forward.


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