500 followers – My Delirious Speechlessness

My blog’s family reached over 500 followers today! It’s been growing at a steady rate in recent times for which I couldn’t be more grateful. When I started out, I used to pen down my thoughts and never expected anyone to read a word of it. Basically, it was an online version of a dear diary. Gradually, I started writing on topics that mattered to me, that touched my heart and the ones I could not go to sleep without talking about. That’s when people started reading and responding to my posts. With your love and constant encouragement, I even started writing poetry. Something I thought I could never do. Surprisingly, you did not shy away from showering your love on all my poems. So much so that poetry has become my primary form of writing these days.

Your comments have been kind and motivating. What greatly humbles me is that more than 500 writers and readers out there found my blog worthy enough to give it a place on their regular reading list. What inspires me is the number of beautiful souls that have reached out to me by way of this blog. You are, each on of you, a blessing. Especially when I look at your thoughts on my posts pertaining to social justice, feminism, mental health and the like.

I believe it is an unparalleled feeling to come across a kindred soul. Today, I’m proud and grateful for having an entire community of kindred souls.

Like I keep saying, my door is always open for all of you. Be it to discuss important world events, personal experience, to have a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to confide in, an agony aunt or even someone to just share a moment of silence with, I’m always here for you. I promise to uphold this no matter how large this family grows.

I’m elated, delirious, overjoyed and beyond thankful. Thank you!

I would also like a moment to ask you to be kind enough to let me know in case there is any particular topic in your mind that you would like me to write on. I’m always open to ideas and nothing would make me don my writing hat faster than a suggestion by one of you.

Furthermore, I try to visit blogs of everyone who likes, comments and follows my blog. In case I’ve missed out on doing so, I assure you it’s entirely inadvertent. If there’s any piece of writing that you would want me and other fellow bloggers to read, please leave a link for it on the comment section down below and I’ll do so right away.

Thank you for being the wonderful people that you are.

Forgive me my rambling and repetitions. I’m truly happy. I’d never thought I’d reach this milestone. Now that I’m here, I’m raring to write more and read even more!

Lots of love,


PS. – As you can see from my picture, I’ve been reduced to doing monkey shenanigans in order to cope with this news. πŸ™ˆ


46 thoughts on “500 followers – My Delirious Speechlessness

  1. We don’t find people having the same mindset but fortunately we can come across people, readers here being on the same page without judgements but sharing their perceptions, understanding our emotions through posts and showing their support from no where connected. Great to be here I can say rather than other platforms. Lucky you!! Keep writing Varnika πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! Wow, that’s, indeed, a huge responsibility. I do try my best to create a positive atmosphere and help people seek inspiration by sharing what inspires me. (but I’ve to admit, seeing so many people on here makes me heady with power too. Maybe I’ll call for a seige someday with my very own army πŸ˜‰)

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        1. Haha I’m hardly in a position to teach anyone! It’s taken some time and a lot of hard work to reach here but I’ve still got a long road ahead. All I can really recommend is to be honest and passionate in your writings, open to criticism and new ideas and, maybe, interact with the people who’ve taken the time to visit your blog. I hope this helps! I’m way too overwhelmed by the love being shown towards me at the moment to be able to think coherently πŸ™ˆ.

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  2. Congratulations Vernika !! This is indeed an amazing feeling to be appreciated about something which you doing from the core of your heart. and you are right in saying that the bloggers’ community is nothing but wonderful, supportive and so appreciative. Happy blogging!!

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    1. Thank you, Megha! You’re very right. I wouldn’t be writing if it weren’t for the people who take out time to read and to comment. You’re one such precious soul πŸ’•. Happy blogging to you too, love!

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  3. [ Smiles ] Congratulations on acquiring over five hundred followers.

    Now, I would like to point out that those are the WordPress followers. Now, what about people like myself who follow you on Feedly?

    People from around the world can follow your blog via RSS readers (And, they do not have to go through the trouble of joining WordPress).

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    1. Hello! Yes, yes, I know of that. It’s precisely why I stated that the number is over 500. Plus, I called it my blogging family instead of WordPress community. You are very precious and dear to me and your comments make my day. I would never, ever forget to thank you! πŸ’•

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                  1. Haha (will do, this has been successful). I watch some anime but I started out only reading manga. I’m pretty slack when it comes to bingeing a series and I end up watching other stuff.

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                    1. I see. If I might be so forward, there’s this really nice anime if you fancy a watch. It’s called Kuroko no Basuke (also called Kuroko’s Basketball and Kuroko no Basket). I’m guessing you might end up liking it. πŸ™‚


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