Begin Again

Unfinished poems,

Unwritten words,

Unreconciled feelings,

Unhealing scars,

Unmended body,

And an

Unyeilding heart.

This is what you left me with,

This is what you left me as,

This is what’s left of me.

But I no longer need your permission,

Or your censor,

Your approval,

Or your rating.

You cannot make me submit

Any longer to your whims.

You cannot have me punished

For my perceived sins.

So I’ll begin again.

Finish all my poems,

Unleash my stifled words,

Cry out my feelings,

Salve my scars,

Cherish my body,

And gift my heart

To a man who’s worthy

Of my fresh start.


28 thoughts on “Begin Again

    1. Accept your bumbling with open arms. Accept it, live it, embody it. Do you want me to write a post on how to do that? πŸ˜‹ I just might be an expert on it considering the number of stupid things I keep doing. πŸ˜‚

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