You make me conscious.

Not the nervous kind. The aware sort. Around you, I’m more conscious of myself. Not the doubting or second guessing kind. The feeling alive sort.

You make me notice how your eyes light up with the curve of my smile. How you adore every single movement of mine. How you hang on to every word that rolls off my tongue. How you exude warmth whenever I feel cold.

You make me realise I am beautiful. To you.


18 thoughts on “Consciousness

  1. I wonder just how intimidating an image we might represent if we were to see ourselves as our lovers do. Thinking of the responsibility we would then believe we had to live up to, even though we clearly tick all the boxes already…thankfully 😊

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        1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been keeping unwell. Wish you a very speedy recovery! Sending lots of love and good wishes your way. You always make my day brighter with your comments! Take care!


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