#New Release: The Blood Mage by Aimee Davis — The Quaint Reading Nook

Started covering new releases on The Quaint Reading Nook so that you do not miss out on even a morsel of good literature! Go visit if you like to read.

Hello, all you lovely readers of books! I’m taking this time today to bring you a little update from the world of books. “The Blood Mage” by Aimee Davis releases today! It picks up from where The Wheel Mages ended last year. Or actually, three years from then in the fantasy world. I’ve just started […]

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11 thoughts on “#New Release: The Blood Mage by Aimee Davis — The Quaint Reading Nook

  1. Your background colors make comments hard to read. I mentioned that to you before. Don’t try to be so artistic that no one can see the words. Also, why are you posting book reviews on both your blogs?? People will soon stop following one or the other if they are always the same.


    1. Thank you, Walt for bringing this to my notice again. I honestly thought I fixed it but it’s the theme’s palette that lightens out some comments while shows some other, hence, my preview didn’t catch this glitch because the comments then were visible. I’ll fix this.
      The reason why I’m sharing posts here as well is to let my readers know about the various sections of the book blog so that they can head over if it’s something that interests them. I was planning on stopping once all sections are revealed. I do get your point though and I’ll think of how to avert that. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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                1. Honestly, I can’t see it. I can just see one from another person and my reply to it. Maybe the app is messing up. I’ll login through my laptop and recheck. If it’s visible to you then it definitely got posted! I’m so sorry.

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