Book Review: The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth

As promised, my first book review is up. As usual, your feedback would be invaluable!

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The Sleepwalker Legacy (“TSL”), by Christopher Hepworth,  hit me with a pang of nostalgia for the thrilling espionage sequences of old before I had even turned a page. This was well played, because the book that makes you feel something is the one you deem worthy of reading to the very end.

The book sets a fast pace from the very get-go. This first book by a truly gifted author opens with a dangerous tone, showing a negotiation between the Chinese Government and the protagonist, Sam Jardine, a skilled corporate negotiator. Move over, Mr. Harvey Specter, there’s a new closer in town!

After a brush with death, Jardine is on the lam, evading arrest for the suspicion of having spied on the Chinese Politburo. He is rescued by the enigmatic yet very charming (and bestowed with the disposition to use said charms to her benefit) Rachael Becket, heir to…

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Sleepwalker Legacy by Christopher Hepworth

  1. Love reading a thriller which grips my mind and takes me on an adventure within itself. Good review 😊
    Will definitely add this book to my library!

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