The Quaint Reading Nook

Hello everyone!

Remember my announcement yesterday about foraying into the big, bad, world of books? (Just kidding, it’s the most beautiful world there is)

In light of the overwhelming support and encouragement extended by most of you (you know you did, don’t ditch me now!), I’ve been an industrious bee today and set up a new blog titled The Quaint Reading Nook. (I’ve hyperlinked it’s about page here for you to go see)

So I’m going to request all of you to please visit it and give it a follow as the first book review will be up tomorrow! Because this venture is very close to my heart, I’m going to say pretty please. 

Just so you know, I decided against adding a section here itself because I wanted to keep my own writings separate from book reviews and avoid confusions. Hopefully, I’ve thought this through properly and all of you will reward my love for you and books by supporting the new blog too. You know I won’t be able to do it without you!

Have I whined enough? (I thought I’d finally live up to the name of my own blog today- please don’t disown me! No, really!)

Please know that your feedback matters to me the most and any suggestions for the new blog, which is a work in progress at the moment, will be heartily welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

Yours lovingly (and almost sweating in anticipation),

Varnika Jain

Update: I see your likes but I don’t see your follows. I’m watching you. (No, not ominously but more with bated breath and anxiety. Can I just say please again or will you abort this right here? πŸ˜“)

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    17 thoughts on “The Quaint Reading Nook

    1. [ Smiles ] Book reviews would add a nice touch to your blog.

      By the way, in regards to following blogs, I only follow them via Feedly (As a matter of fact, I am following you via Feedly; which is the reason why I am able to read your blog posts and comment on them in a timely manner).

      Liked by 1 person

              1. Hehehe Actually, this isn’t the first time. It’s happened a couple of times before so I thought instead of a typo it’s just stuck in your mind now, hence, the correction or I’d have just let it slide πŸ™‚. No worries though. Oh, please continue. Would love to read it when you’re done.

                Liked by 1 person

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