She Walks in Beauty

She stooped to retie her shoelace

And in the process, dropped two of the many

books she was carrying.

She gathered them up with aplomb

And went back to waddling on her way.

She refilled her cup of coffee from a machine

Took a sip, then smacked her lips in clear approval.

She hurried on along her way,

Half skipping to the tune of a song in her head.

She paused to smell a flower on the way

And to smile wide at a chirping bird.

She ran to jump across a puddle

Yet made sure to stomp on every dry leaf just to hear that satisfying crunch.

She trotted on, oblivious to a jeer aimed at her,

While taking time to respond to the soft queries of a tiny tot.

She giggled as the wind caught her hair,

Making sure to walk against it.

She also did a merry jig beside a street performer

Then made a round with a hat in hand just to leave it all behind.

There is nothing significant to remember her by if you saw her pretty face,

But when she walks, oh! you wouldn’t forget her, because she walks in all kinds of beauty and grace.

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