Careless Whispers

Careless whispers make their way

from hushed undertones

to pen and Paper

written down in indelible ink

passed around without a word

back and forth they went

till every pair of eyes had seen

the scene that had unfolded yesternight

when she had given away her heart and more

wrapped in a neatly tied bow

to the one who decried her love today

with one fell sweep of pen and ink

and careless whispers

in tow.



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19 thoughts on “Careless Whispers

        1. I’ve effectively been rendered speechless. This doesn’t happen to me much. So I guess I’ll reply to you once I have my wits about me.
          Just so you know, your poems are brilliant and thought provoking. I love every word that you pen down. ☺️
          I cannot do peoms the way you do either. I can’t do poems, period. I try though 😊.
          Thank you for being such a lovely soul. ❤️


          1. Haha. Okay damn ! Don’t be so sweet. 😘
            I try to pen down thoughts, not as good as many are but you’re among the ones I admire. So keep up with that. Haha, thank you so much for liking my posts. You’re one beautiful soul yourself. ❤


            1. I like the mutual admiration club we’ve got going on over here. I seek your blog out everyday to read. Keep up the amazing awesomeness that you create on a daily basis. Lots of love 😘❤️

              Liked by 1 person

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